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What is the 'program period'?

Based on many years of study in behaviour change and how we embed new beliefs, emotional states and actions ~ the recommended period for listening to the Meditation and Hypnosis audios is 30 days.


How will I know if I'm doing it right?

We have tracking methods inside the Academy to ensure you record you starting stats and how you feel when the program period is up.


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What Others Are Saying:


Carl Price Video/Audio Editor

"The audio takes me to a deep sleep.  I never even notice removing my headphones.  You have an amazing voice!"

Laura Family Coach

"Your hypnosis helped me through a very tough time physically& emotionally.  Both myself and my boyfriend listened every night.  Each time I listened I woke feeling amazing!"

Paul O'Keefe Business Owner

"Awaiting surgery I'd been in pain.  Your meditation took me to a state of blissful pain free calm. I still can't quite believe it.  My surgeon is amazed!"


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